Advancing the Whiteface

Big Gully Farm is a Hereford and Polled Hereford seedstock provider located 12 miles north of Maidstone, Saskatchewan. With registered Hereford cattle since 1967, Lance and Shari Leachman represent the fourth generation. The cow herd consists of Hereford, Polled Hereford and Angus brood cows developed on native and improved grasses on variable landscape in the northwestern part of the province.

Breeding strategies focus on “Advancing the Whiteface” by diligently breeding maternally and commercially oriented cattle aimed at generating more profit per acre based on their combination of economic and convenience related traits.  Specifically-sound structured, modest input, docile cattle that can efficiently maintain body condition and rebreed in diverse environments is critical.  With these breeding objectives in mind, selection is based on structural correctness, moderate frame, extra center body dimension, powerful muscle shape, acceptable growth, desirable calving ease and sufficient milk-while preserving excellent udder quality.  As importantly as visual distinctions, genomically enhanced EPD’s have been employed on the entire herd and each sale bull; along with the proven tools of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and carcass ultrasound (collected on all bulls and heifers via Shari’s business-Ultrabeef Ultrasound Services).

Our Big Gully Farm Bull & Commercial Female Sale occurs the second Thursday of December each year, with De-Horned and Polled Hereford bulls of both yearling and two-year-old age offered. Our primary clientele are commercial cattlemen who utilize the bulls in various crossbreeding scenarios to enhance their profitability.  These commercial scenarios typically include using Hereford bulls to develop a maternal base which capitalizes on hybrid vigor, docility, structural integrity, feed efficiency and modest inputs-all leading to more resiliency, longevity and profitability.  If performance is a priority, many customers will either utilize heterosis from the rotational maternal cross or by introducing sires from breeds predicated on growth as a terminal cross.

Our concentration on customer service and building strong relationships includes offering incentives that reward repeat buyers, volume buyers and customers with departed cull bulls. Included in the purchase of each bull are: wintering development costs, delivery costs and breeding soundness exams. No bulls are delivered for service at their new owners until they are happy to receive them.  We also award three monetary prizes each year to youth, nominated by bull purchasers, for learning opportunities involving livestock.  Intensive touring of customer herds through the summer and fall months is also a fun and insightful priority each year.  We also look forward to hosting anyone interested for an appreciation day in the middle of August to evaluate different facets of the herd and provide attendees a great meal.

Our family has spent more than 50 years as both advocates and critics of Hereford cattle, while strongly believing the breed poses a valuable and timely contribution to the beef cattle industry via docility, crossbreeding versatility, complete heterosis, longevity, winter hardiness, capacity to thrive on forage, mothering ability and low input requirements.

We are eager to be considered a potential source for any Hereford seedstock considerations you may have and invite you anytime for a tour of a cow herd that we are constantly trying to bolster the quality and genetic merit within.

We genuinely appreciate your visit to our website and if we can ever be of assistance or answer any questions you may have-please contact us or stop in for a personal tour.

All the Best,
Lance & Shari Leachman

Upcoming Sales & Events

2023 BGF Appreciation Event

  • Date and Time

    Friday, August 11, 2023

  • Location

    At the farm, 12 miles North of Maidstone, SK

10th BGF Bull & Commercial Cow Sale

  • Date and Time

    Thursday, December 14th, 2023 at 4:30 PM MST

  • Location

    At the farm, 12 miles North of Maidstone, SK

Around the Ranch

Our 7th Annual Customer Appreciation Event is coming up this Sunday! We’d be glad to host you for a visit along with supper and refreshments!! ...

Rip with the Long Range twin heifer calves! ...

Sale bull videos are now available on our freshly re-designed website! Bull sale is Dec.10th, 4:30pm MST on-farm or online @ 2.0! Website link in bio. Pictured - BIG-GULLY 8E CONSTELLATION 64H **homo polled ...

As the finishing touches are made on our 2020 sale catalogue, we want to extend an invite to our bull sale on Dec.10th, 4:30pm MST! We would be glad to have you for some hospitality & pre-Christmas cheer! Sale is also broadcast online @
(Pictured: BIG-GULLY 7348 PARADIGM 990H)

Less than 2 months to our annual on-farm BGF Bull Sale, Dec.10th! This year will also include 20-25 April calving Hereford cows mated Simm/Angus. We will have a couple pens of bulls at Edam Fall Fair Oct.30-31st. ...

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