Big Gully Farm-home

June 17, 2017

We have received exceptional moisture so far this spring/summer with excellent pasture and hay crops developing.  The calves are likely a bit ahead of normal for growth and performance with the ideal conditions.

Bulls will soon be removed from their breeding groups, with the cows left for a month before pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound in early August.  We bred a smaller group of replacement heifers than in 2016 and also consolidated the number of sires utilized during breeding season.  We purchased C 95T MILES MCKEE 6060 from Colyer Herefords in February.  He is our second “C MILES MCKEE 2103 ET” son and his dam is an exceptional uddered first calf heifer sired by “Trust.”  “6060” was utilized as the post-AI heifer service sire.  Additionally, heifers/cows were AI bred to “Famous”, “5001”, “Catapult 109”, “Walk Off 549” and “Mr. Canada”.  Natural sires then put out with cows included “Famous”, “5001”, “Checkpoint 60C” and “6060”.  The Angus and commercial Angus cows were all bred naturally by “Hurley 271C.”   Embryos were implanted from “Catapult 109” and “Mr. Hereford”.

Early looks pretty quiet with a nice hay crop to complete, hopefully in a short period of time-unlike the past few years.  We made a short trip to Idaho in late June to tour some Hereford operations and take in some sight-seeing before haying commences.  The only commitment in July will be judging the Yorkton Regional 4-H Show on July 5th.  August will be substantially busier with the NorthWest Hereford Field Day in Turtleford on August 3rd.  We will also plan to attend the SouthWest Hereford Tour on August 10-11. 

We would like to invite all of you to attend our Big Gully Farm Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 3rd here at the farm.  The afternoon will include pasture tours of bull calf pairs, heifer calf pairs, yearling heifers, herd bulls and two-year old bulls.  The evening will include a prime rib supper and visiting for everyone in attendance.

If you are ever in the area, please stop by for a visit and tour of the cattle.  We would be pleased to show you how the cattle are developing and the genetics currently being utilized here.

Kind Regards,

Lance & Shari


June 30, 2016

Conditions have changed greatly since the start of the month with sufficient moisture to put the pastures in nice shape and bring along the hay crop.  We fed the cows longer than normal before going to pasture-due to dry conditions and it appears to have worked out in allowing the grass a head start.  Bulls are concluding the breeding season, which appears to have progressed favorably.  We will be excited to see the results of the new natural service and AI sires come next spring. 

Spring was eventful and brought about many changes.  We seeded about 20 acres of grazing corn at the end of May to hopefully utilize during Agribition in November and prior to the bull sale.  We are anxiously waiting to see how it progresses.  Moreover, we had oats seeded by a neighbor that we will utilize for greenfeed while rotating those acres out of and back into hay production.

Shari and I recently returned home from a trip through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.  The purpose of the trip was to attend the Beef Improvement Federation meeting hosted by Kansas State University in Manhattan.  The meeting is held over a period of 3 days and focuses on the genetic improvement of beef cattle related to all segments of the production chain.  Prior to and after the meeting, we toured Hereford herds along the way.  Generally, all states appeared to have excellent grass, but severe heat during our trip was starting to remove much of the ground moisture.  We enjoyed catching up with many close friends and seeing some tremendous young genetics at each stop.

Earlier this spring, Shari and Mom traveled to the World Hereford Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay.  They toured ranches, attended conference sessions and viewed both pen/haltered cattle shows.  They were fortunate to see progeny of PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R and BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U during their stay.  The hospitality and cattle were tremendous with many great people to meet throughout the trip.

Regarding the cattle, we have introduced more new genetics this year than ever before.  The following list of sires was utilized with complete information available on their respective herdsire pages.

New AI Sires Include:                                      Continuing AI Sires Include:
NJW 73S W18 HOMETOWN 10Y ET                   C STOCKMAN 2059 ET
CRR 719 CATAPULT 109                                  WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102
REMITALL-W 50 SHADES ET 12C                      CRR 109 OLD SCHOOL 301

New Natural Breeding Sires Include:                   Continuing Natural Breeding Sires Include:
S7R R294 FAMOUS 701A                                   C 88X RIBEYE 2011
C 092X MILES 5001 ET                                      C BAR1 0235 GOLDEN DAN 4061 ET
CRR 109 WALK OFF 549
The remainder of the summer will likely be quiet while focusing on haying and making herd visits.  Lloydminster is hosting both the National Junior Simmental and Limousin Shows in late July-so we will try and get in to view those.  August 6th is the Northwest Hereford Field Day in Turtleford, which we will plan to attend as usual.  Shari will attend the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Calgary the second week of August.  We will both attend the Canadian Junior Hereford Bonanza Show in Olds later that week as well.

As always if you are every close by, you are more than welcome to stop by for a visit or to view the cattle.

Have a great summer,
Lance Leachman



December 15 , 2015

First, we would like to thank everyone that participated in our recent sale on December 10th.  No matter if you purchased, bid, attended the sale, viewed online or expressed interest in any way-your involvement was genuinely appreciated.  We were extremely pleased with the mix of new and repeat clients, with many of the cattle going to local commercial cattlemen or modest sized breeders.  Many young, talented people are to thank for their assistance in preparing and executing the sale.  Stephen Myer of Standard Hill Livestock for website preparation; Laura Bodell of Bella Spur Innovative Media for catalogue and advertisement design; Ryan Dorran for auctioneering;  Cassie Dorran for pictures, insurance, sale assistance, marketing; Nate Marin for ring service; Craig Flewelling for ring service; Rose Currie for sale cattle preparation, Bianca Bernasconi for sale cattle preparation; Jessy Milne-Smith with, and Justin & Tawnie Morrison for picture/video preparation.

The fall has been exceptional with terrific weather and late grazing that helped conserve feed.  The cattle have remained healthy and transitioned well from weaning to fall grazing and now winter pen feeding.  The majority of cull cows were marketed in early September, steer calves in mid-October and some heifer calves in late October.  We are excited to be keeping a large group of replacement heifer calves that will be bred in the spring. 

We attended Canadian Western Agribition the last week of November.  The week seemed to go smoothly due to the weather and help that we had.  Shari had worked on the 4 bull calves that we exhibited with their individual weights ahead of years past.  The bull calves were 1st and 2nd in one class, then 2nd and 3rd in the other.  BIG-GULLY 102 HURLEY 271C was Horned Calf Champion and went on to Reserve Champion Horned Bull.  Thanks to Cory, Kristi and Gracie Blaser for their assistance during the week.  We were also pleased to stall beside Top 50 Livestock for the week, the Lehmann family from Lashburn.  Paige showed a cow purchased from us as a heifer calf.  That cow, along with her really nice heifer calf, had won the Stockade Roundup Show in Lloydminster and looked strong at Agribition.  The Lehmann’s also won a bred heifer class in the polled show with a female they raised.  Moreover, they successfully showed a younger polled bull calf purchased by Pugh Farms.

Applications for the Big Gully Farm Beef Cattle Learning Award have been submitted and the winners will likely be announced in the upcoming weeks.  Thanks to those young people that applied and all that have kindly supported this idea.

Tasks at the farm will be relatively quiet till calving begins in late January.  Shari will work a few more sales for, including Friday Night Lights, Angus Collection, Spring Creek Female Sale and New Year’s Resolution.  Shari and I will attend the National Western Stock Show in mid-January to see the Hereford cattle and events.

We would like to wish you all a great holiday season, Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016.  As always, please let us know if we can be of assistance and feel free to visit if ever in the area.


Lance Leachman


October 11 , 2015

We hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Recently, the fall weather has been mild with a heavy dose of moisture as well.  Fortunately, grazing is still in really nice shape and a green tinge has persisted longer than normal.  Fall has been productive with the straw/hay bales stacked and cattle work well underway.  Weaning, vaccinating, and marketing calves have all been recent tasks.  A large group of cows were merchandised late August/early September, which has proven to be lucky considering some recent market volatility. 

On October 3rd, we hosted the 5th Big Gully Farm Youth Cattle Judging Clinic & Contest.  The day was cool and breezy, but 3 Cloverbuds and 27 juniors aged 9-21 persisted throughout the day.  Young cattle enthusiasts from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba were present.  Thanks to Doreen Coolidge of Coolidge Country Catering for your sponsorship and assistance with supper.

Preparations for the second on-farm bull and heifer sale are underway.  The sale will occur on Thursday, December 10th at 5:30 PM.  Advertising, footnotes and cattle preparation have been mostly completed, with the pictures/video component still to come.   We are planning to slightly and responsibly increase the number of bulls available, while constraining the number of females to be offered.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming sale or if we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Moreover, visitors are always welcome to stop in and view the cattle. 

Lance Leachman


April 25, 2015

Calving was completed in early April and we ended up at 100% calving rate for the first time ever with the aid of three sets of twins.  The calves are further developed than they ever have been due in part to both age and hopefully increasing quality.  The cows seem to be in excellent condition as a result of the more mild winter and are milking really well for still being fed dry hay and supplemented with 6 lbs of pellets per day.  We were able administer pre-breeding vaccinations to all females and bulls with Bov-Shield Gold FP5 and Tasvax 8, along with Ivermectin, in late March.

Shari ultrasounded all of our yearling bulls and replacement heifers for carcass merit on the last day of March, before I began delivering yearling bulls.  Not only does Shari have a passion for this business practice, but we have done it for years and believe it to be important in the quest to make beef more popular and highly demanded than it currently is.  The data benefits breeding decisions in our herd, accuracy of EPD’s and GE-EPD’s within the Hereford breed and the knowledge we have of our cattle. 

I made a trip to Sidney, Montana to pick up C BAR1 0235 GOLDEN DAN 4061 on April 2nd.  On the way down, I was able to drop off bulls to new customers at Bengough and Lake Alma.  After crossing the border uneventfully, I went to Manitoba to pick up a pair of heifers that Shari’s parents, Jack & Pat, wanted us to have. 

Shortly after bringing 4061 to the farm, we were fortunate to collect and freeze semen on both him and C 88X RIBEYE 2011 at Alta Genetics.  This will help in our AI program this spring.

We bred 37 heifers on April 22 on a synchronized heat to C 88X RIBEYE 2011, CRR 109 OLD SCHOOL 301, SLDK VENDETTA V-9 and SULL TCC MR CUSTOM MADE 340 ET.  The first cows were bred on April 17th and have been steady since.

On April 25th, we vaccinated calves and castrated the initial group of bull calves before they are sent to pasture the second week of May.

The majority of bulls from the fall sale have been delivered, with only local customers and short deliveries remaining.

Shari and I are traveling to Australia to attend the Wodonga National Show and Sale in mid-May.  Shari will also attend the tri-annual Beef 2015 Convention and Show in Rockhampton.  We plan to stop at several cattle herds and see diverse areas of the country during our 4-5 week stay. 

As always if you are ever in the area, feel free to stop and visit.  Moreover, if we can ever be of assistance in any way-please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lance Leachman


March 16, 2015

2015 is off to a great start with a much milder winter than we are accustomed to the past few years.  Calving has progressed very favorably with a higher percentage of calves being a result of the initial breeding cycle than ever before.

I would like to thank everyone that supported our initial Big Gully Online/On-Farm Bull & Heifer Sale in any way.  We could not have anticipated how well the sale would go and we have you to thank for that.  If we can alter this event in any way to better suit your purchase needs, please let us know.  Consider this as your invitation to the 2015 sale which will occur on Thursday, December 10th!

The conclusion of 2014 was very fulfilling.  I travelled to the Manitoba Livestock Expo the second weekend of October- where I had the opportunity to judge the National Charolais, Hereford and Supreme shows.  The cattle were excellent and it is a great venue to exhibit and view livestock.

I was also excited to make a quick trip from November 16-18, to the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky.  I was fortunate to be invited as a cattle official for the 109th Senior Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Contest.  Along with 5 other individuals, we placed the cattle classes, determined cuts for scoring and listened to reasons from a couple hundred students from universities across the United States.

Next, we exhibited 5 bull calves and 2 yearling bulls at Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, SK the last week of November.  The week went incredibly smooth with the help of Cory & Kristy Blaser from North Dakota.  The enthusiasm and positivity displayed by everyone in attendance was impressive.  It was our intent to justify our exhibiting costs and efforts by taking only bulls-the majority of which would be sold in the sale less than two weeks later.  We were relieved how much easier it was to merchandise the cattle when people had cattle tangible to look at, a catalogue to view and an event to ponder in the immediate future.  At the conclusion of the week, I was able to fulfill a neat opportunity and serve as a judge for the RBC Beef Supreme Challenge.  It was a phenomenal event that is unmatched in terms of quality and prestige due to the number of show champions and breeds involved.  The time evaluating the livestock elapsed very quickly and it was fun ranking cattle whose quality is a benchmark to make more of our own cattle similar to.

Upon arriving home from Agribition we focused on preparing for our first sale at the farm.  We have many people to thank for their help prior to and during this event.  In addition to online participants and the live crowd at the sale-Ryan & Cassie Dorran, Laura Bodell, Jamie-Rae Pittman, Nate Marin, Rose Currie, Craig Flewelling, Katie Colyer, Jesse Milne-Smith, Cory & Kristy Blaser, Paige Lehmann & family, Larissa Lupul and Toby Noble played a role in the day.  Shari was especially thrilled to have her Cattlemen’s Young Leader’s Mentor, Denise Lafrentz, and her husband Vern travel to be with us for the sale and the day following.

A quick trip was made to the Medicine Hat Pen Show just prior Christmas to judge the Purebred/Commercial pens and 4-H show.  It was a neat event that does an excellent job gathering a diverse demographic of producers to interact with purebred, commercial and junior cattle on display.  It is a quick event with tremendous traffic through the facility, particularly on the Friday evening.

The holidays were relatively quiet, just as I prefer-though Shari did travel home to Manitoba to visit family.  We enjoyed spending New Year’s with Stephen & Christine Myer at the New Year’s Resolution Sale in Red Deer, AB. 

Shari and I attended the National Western Stock Show in Denver from January 14-18.  We stayed with a great friend of ours from Eaton, CO that I went to school with at K-State.  I was fortunate to judge the Junior Hereford Heifer Show on Wednesday the 15th.  We always enjoy the trip and this year included great weather, catching up with many friends and viewing a substantial number of exceptional Hereford cattle.

For Shari, February and March have been filled with broadcasting sales for and ultrasounding carcass merit for her customers.  I have been able to attend the local Hereford sales that occurred in February, followed by the Simmental, Angus and Hereford sales that have since followed.

We have also been fortunate to recently acquire a pair of sires from the US.  The first was a private treaty purchase of CRR CATAPULT 462 from Coyote Ridge Ranch of LaSalle, Colorado following the National Western Stock Show.  He is a son of CRR CATAPULT 109, who sired the Champion Pen of 3 Bulls this year in Denver.  We anticipate this heterozygous polled calf to transmit power, body dimension, balance, calving ease and maternal excellence.

The second bull purchased is C BAR1 0235 GOLDEN DAN 4061 ET from Colyer Herefords in Bruneau, Idaho.  He is a horned calf that possesses incredible performance, muscle shape, stoutness of bone and width of skeleton.  Fortunately, he still has strong maternal merit from both sides of his pedigree in regard to milk flow and udder quality.

We are excited about the combination of quality, power, udder quality and center body dimension that this pair should contribute to our existing base of cattle.

Currently, Shari is occupied with ultrasounding and broadcasting sales online during the spring.  We have been able to attend a variety of sales amongst the different breeds and are encouraged by the strength of the cattle market, both purebred and commercially.  We are eagerly anticipating the breeding season and have finalized our plans in that regard.

As always if you are ever in the area, feel free to stop and visit.  Moreover, if we can ever be of assistance in any way-please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lance Leachman


October 18, 2014

We are currently enjoying a great stretch of weather for everyone to continue working on fall jobs and preparing for winter.  We are preparing for the Big Gully’s On-Farm/Online Bull & Heifer Sale on December 11th.  I am currently trying to make farm visits and travel around while the weather still cooperates. 

We recently completed pictures and videos of sale cattle on October 13&14th.  Katie Colyer was able to do them again and was a big help as always.  The two days went really well, but it is a task that I love to have completed.  We received great help from Paige Lehmann, Larissa Lupul, and Toby Noble.

Prior to picturing, I travelled to the Expo de Beuof in Victoriaville, Quebec to judge the Hereford and Supreme shows.  It was a great trip to a very scenic part of the country.  They have a great facility to host the event and the quality of the Hereford show was strong.  The people were very hospitable and strongly supported the show of 600 total cattle.  One of the most remarkable parts of the Hereford show were the 15 breeder’s herds exhibited at its conclusion.

We shipped 24 steers, a freemartin and the last cull cow on October 8th.  The steer calves averaged right at 700 lbs pre-shrunk with a variety of ages from early February to early April.  The lightest 12 calves sold for $2.80/lb, while the heavy calves sold for $2.58/lb.  The calves go to Weaver Order Buying where they are weighed off the truck and no commission is taken beside check-off and brand inspection.  We had previously culled 18 cows earlier this fall on September 9th.

On October 4th, we hosted the Big Gully Farm Youth Cattle Judging Clinic & Contest.  Again we had steady attendance at 28 youth.  I altered the format to include practice classes in the morning to make the day a bit less tedious for the kids.  They were a great group and hopefully benefited from the day.  Thanks to Stephen Myer of Standard Hill Angus for bringing cattle, along with Todd & Sue Bygrove and Marc & Arlyss Lehmann for helping out during the day.

The last weekend of September, Mom and I travelled to Barriere, BC for the Provincial Winter Fair.  I judged the open and 4-H steer shows on the 27th.  The fair is hosted in a nice facility in a great location with a variety of animals and projects on display.  We were able to have a nice visit with Rob & Deanne Young from High Country Cattle Services in Breton, Alberta-as Rob judged the heifer show.  Their daughter Crystal was a judging teammate of mine at K-State.  We were also able to visit Little Fort Hereford Ranch and Copper Creek Ranch.  Both the Jim and Brown families were fun to visit and great hosts with excellent operations.

Shari and I went on our honeymoon from the 12th-22nd of September.  We thought September was a logical time since we don’t have to worry about harvest and had haying complete and bales stacked.  I kept the location a secret from Shari till we arrived at Customs in Edmonton airport.  We arrived in Miami, Florida and spent the Friday evening in the city before surfing on Miami Beach Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we boarded Carnival Breeze for an Eastern Caribbean cruise.  We spent two days at sea and then visited St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan-Puerto Rico and Grand Turk in successive days.  We spent another day at sea before arriving back in Miami early Sunday morning.  Once back in Miami we attended a Miami Marlins baseball game at noon and then a Miami Dolphins football game later in the evening.  Each of the destinations was unique and neat to visit.  During the stops we snorkelled, raced 12-meter Regatta ships, zip lined, rode ATV’s and took a train/catamaran tour.  We were thrilled with the cruise ship and the food, entertainment options and service provided.

Early in September, Shari and I made a trip to Alberta when she broadcasted the Willow Springs Angus Dispersal on the 4th in Innisfail.  On September 6th, we went to Peers, AB for the wedding of Greg Pugh and Amanda Elzinga.  We have known both of them for a couple years.  Greg operates Pugh Farms at Edgerton where they raise Angus/Red Angus and Polled Hereford cattle.  Amanda was in the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program with me and works for Coop Feeds.  They had a great day with a farm wedding and fun reception where we saw many cattle related friends.

Looking forward we will be setting up a display at the Edam Fall Fair on October 24th and 25th.  We may also attend some upcoming Hereford sales and visit the Lloydminster Stockade Roundup Show in early November.

As always, if you are ever in the area-please feel free to stop by and visit or view the cattle at any time.


Lance Leachman



August 21, 2014

First of all, we would like to announce a change to our fall internet sale.  This year it will be hosted live on the farm, along with being broadcast over the internet.  BIG GULLY’S ONLINE/ON-FARM BULL & HEIFER SALE will be on DECEMBER 11, 2014 at 5:30 PM MST.  The sale will include long yearling bulls, bull calves, bred heifers, heifer calves and commercial heifer calves.  Online bidding, as usual, will occur on from December 8-11 and close-out simultaneously with the video sale at the farm.

Secondly, we are pleased to begin using a new logo that was developed by Bella Spur Innovative Media including Laura Bodell and Jamie-Rae Pittman.  We look forward to utilizing it in advertising and having a more consistent and recognizable symbol going forward.

We pregnancy diagnosed all the cattle in early August.   The heifers bred up tremendously well with no opens, 72% conception to the AI synchronization and almost all to calve within the first 35 days of the calving season.  We intend to market cull cows in early September by early weaning the calves, so we can capitalize on the strong markets.

Shari attended the Northwest Hereford Field Day on August 7th at Stan Lock’s in Macklin.  It was a well-attended day and the Lock family did an excellent job hosting the event.

Shari is headed to Toronto and Guelph this weekend for Cattlemen’s Young Leader activities that will include stops at corporate headquarters in the city and farm visits as well.

We were able to complete haying early in the week and actually have all the bales hauled and stacked in the yard.  Using two custom bale hauling trucks greatly reduces time, fuel and machinery needs on our part to get the job done.  Bales were hauled and stacked in a day and a half.

We are in the process of making some herd tours to past customers and fellow breeders of several different breeds who we can potentially learn from and whose company we enjoy.  Shari will also have her first sale of the fall for as we travel to Innisfail for the Willow Springs Angus Dispersal on Thursday, September 4th.

Preparations are also underway for the Big Gully Farm Youth Breeding Cattle Judging Clinic and Contest to occur on Saturday, October 4th here at the farm.  Any interested young people are encouraged to attend and can contact me for any further information.

As always if you are in the area, please feel free to stop and we would enjoy visiting with you.


Lance Leachman


July 16, 2014

This update is long overdue, however the second quarter of 2014 was exciting and productive.   Breeding season has concluded and appeared to go very well.  It was a cool spring and the grass is still in exceptional shape.  All the cows have been consolidated into one group and have been put down into the gully for July grazing.  We will confirm the breeding scenarios when the females are ultrasound pregnancy diagnosed in early August. 

Haying is also just nicely underway with a great stretch of warm and dry weather to facilitate progress.  We were fortunate to have acquired a used Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2856 baler and are excited to see how it works this summer for the hay and straw. 

On July 8th, I was able to judge the Estevan Regional 4-H Show and enjoyed being around a pleasant group of members and their projects.  That same day Shari was able to spend time with her Cattlemen’s Young Leaders mentor-Denise Lafrentz from Wheatland Cattle Co.  I was fortunate to join them later in the afternoon and tour one of the premier Simmental farms in the country.

On July 5th, Shari and I were married at the farm.  We had a tremendous day and were thrilled to host guests from 4 provinces and 8 states to partake in the day.  This event served as great motivation to make sure the yard was in great shape and should make yard care easier for the remainder of the summer.  

On June 15th, this area hosted the Saskatchewan Hereford Association Annual General Meeting.  A tour component was also added this year to try and enhance participation.  It seemed to be effective and included tour stops at Double J Polled Herefords, Standard Hill Livestock, Misty Valley Farms and here.  Thanks to those who took the time to attend and participate in the day.

Shari and I also had the opportunity to judge the Northeast Alberta Regional Heifer Show in Myrnam on June 14.  It was a newly conceived show that included all the 4-H disciplines and conformation classes for females only.  It was well organized and the group of members were enthusiastic and highly motivated.

Also in June, I was fortunate to judge the steer show on June 2nd at the Lloydminster 4-H Regional Expo Show.  I am convinced over the past 3 years that the quality of cattle and presentation on the part of 4-H members has been enhanced greatly.  It was pleasing to see a high percentage of steers fit within a relatively close weight range, which hasn’t always been the case. 

On May 24th we travelled to Elk Point for their club achievement day and then visited Laura Bodell in Sherwood Park that evening.  We stayed over in Fort Saskatchewan that night so we could attend the Josephburg Country Classic on the 25th.  I judged conformation classes, while Shari did the showmanship.  We were very impressed with the participation and enthusiasm demonstrated by the organizers and young people.

We were able to turn out cows on the 21st of May, which is about 12 days later than normal.  It was a late spring and very cool, fortunately we had ample hay left over to feed for the duration.  Cows were very content to leave the yard and a noticeable improvement in appearance occurred after being on grass for a couple weeks. 

We initiated breeding on April 21 when a group of 40 heifers synchronized and AI bred.  We were happy with the results based on the number of repeats after one cycle elapsed.  All cows were AI bred on natural heats as well beginning that day.  Cyclicity amongst the cows was more prevalent than it had been a year previous.


Lance Leachman


March 19, 2014

We concluded 2013 with all the sale cattle being delivered in a timely fashion before the New Year.   Shari and I had a great trip to Reno and enjoyed the unique atmosphere.  We also participated in the New Year’s Resolution Sale in Saskatoon on December 31 by offering 2 packages of Great Divide semen.  Thanks to Jake Rawluk of Manitoba and Greg Pugh of Pugh Farms at Edgerton, AB for purchasing the semen.

In the second week of January we sent Great Divide to compete in Denver.  Fortunately, he was Senior Champion in the Horned Show at the National Western and we were happy with how he appeared through that week.  As always, Denver was great to catch up with college classmates, old friends and other Hereford breeders.  It is always an enjoyable trip before the activity of calving takes priority. 

As I write this, we are 80% complete calving.  There has been a fair assortment of polled calves from LOOSE CHANGE, BEYOND, REVOLUTION, CRUZ and some existing polled cows.  Horned calves obviously include GREAT DIVIDE, 2011, STOCKMAN, 47R, 517U and CRUZ.  We are excited for the calves to continue growing so we can begin to assess their merit. 

We would like to thank the following buyers for their private-treaty bull purchases to date this past fall and spring:

Ross Harmel-Maidstone, SK: ½ Interest & ½ Possession in BIG-GULLY 8151 MAVERICK 531A
Calla Frankl-Raymore, SK:  BIG-GULLY V-9 SNAKE EYES 271A
Henri Blacqueire-Edam, SK: BIG-GULLY 66X CHROME 830Z
Travis Cooke-Marwayne, AB: BIG-GULLY 8151 MONUMENT 70Z
Ken Hoffman & Patti Stephens-Elk Point, AB: BIG-GULLY V-9 VENERABLE 734A
Lee & Brennan Leib-Southey, SK: BIG-GULLY 102 IRON MAN 111A
                                                            BIG-GULLY 517U FACEMAN 753A
Noah Olson-Medstead, SK: BIG-GULLY 0248 THOR 272A
Al Brundage-Bonneyville, AB: BIG-GULLY 47R MURDOCK 380Z

We still have two highly pigmented, low birth weight two-year olds along with a high-quality collection of yearling bulls available for sale.  Bulls will be wintered free of charge till early May with semen check and delivery included in the purchase price.

In early February I was able to visit the majority of the Hereford sales in this area and have since attended most of the Simmental sales locally as well.  Shari and I also attended some speaker sessions at Agri-Visions in Lloydminster in mid-February.  Early in March, I attended the G-Mack Steer and Heifer Progress Show in Lloydminster.  The quality of the cattle in the show was tremendous.  On the 14th of March I helped officiate the Lakeland College Little Royal Judging Contest which included a sharp and enthusiastic group of participants from both 4-H and college.

Shari has been tremendously busy since early February.  She attended a calving school and completed her Artificial Insemination training course at Lakeland College in February.  She has also provided online bidding services at MJT’s Back to Basics Bull Sale, Mader Ranches Bull Sale, A. Sparrow Farms Bull Sale, The Standard Hill Connection Sale, and Canada’s Red, White & Black Bull Sale.  As I write this, Shari is preparing to do the Wilbar Farms Tools of the Trade Bull Sale and will conclude the year with Ter-Ron’s Get A Grip Bull Sale, WLB Livestock’s Bull Sale, Jaymarandy’s Northern Gateway Bull Sale, the 20/20 Angus/Currie/Bullerwell/Roymac  Bull Sale, Flying K Ranch Bull Sale and finally the Anchor 1 Bull Sale. 

Between sales, Shari has continued her ultrasound business spending most of her time in southwest Manitoba and southeast Saskatchewan to this point.  She will make a few more trips to Manitoba and then focus in central, western and northern Saskatchewan in April and May.  Several new customers have inquired and scheduled ultrasound sessions to assess carcass merit in both bulls and heifers.

This weekend Shari and I are headed to Calgary for the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Semi-Annual events.  I will be going for graduation after my year-long mentorship with David Bolduc of Cudlobe Angus.  Shari is attending as a semi-finalist for this year and will participate in several round table sessions as part of the selection process.

The next month will entail delivering bulls and preparing for the upcoming breeding season.  This happens to be the time of year and part of the cattle production cycle that I enjoy most.  In preparing for breeding we have begun flushing the cows with a cow-pellet and continuing to provide Cargill Right Now mineral in addition to quality alfalfa/grass hay.  Again, we will synchronize and AI all heifers and AI breed cows on natural heats for the first cycle.  We have finalized the AI matings and are working toward finalizing pasture matings to follow.  This week will entail semen testing our herd bulls as well as those we have sold, so we can initiate delivery.  Fortunately, the weather is much more conducive to make cows cycle than compared to this time a year ago.

No matter what stage of calving you find yourself, hopefully everything has gone well and all the best as you continue.  We are fortunate that March has been so cooperative from a weather standpoint after a brutal start to the month and several harsh months prior.

As always if you are ever in the area, please stop by to have a visit and we would also be glad to show you the cattle.

Lance Leachman


December 1, 2013

The last month has been fairly hectic and eventful from a travel and cattle standpoint.  Shari and I had an excellent trip to Toronto for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair the first weekend in November.  I was fortunate to judge the National Hereford Show and it was a very impressive collection of cattle from Eastern and a few Western programs.  The organization, staff and facility was first class.  It was also interesting to see so many junior cattle exhibitors along with the horses, dairy cattle and other livestock species.

Upon returning home, our focus turned to Agribition in Regina.  We ended up exhibiting 9 head and had tremendous help for the week including Cory & Kristi Blaser, Justin Carvey, Darren Carvey, Brandon Sykes, along with Shari and I.  We arrived and unloaded the quickest we ever have on Saturday.  On Monday, I helped officiate the swine component of the Agribition 4-H Judging Contest.  On Tuesday I attended the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Fall Forum, while a pair of bred heifers was exhibited in the First Lady show.  Then on Wednesday, I judged the National Speckle Park Show in the morning.  The Hereford Show was on Friday.  We had Champion Yearling Heifer, Reserve Champion Bull Calf, Champion Senior Female, Champion Senior Bull, Grand Champion Female and Grand Champion Bull.  On Saturday, the cow/calf pair and senior bull were both exhibited in the RBC Beef Supreme Challenge with WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102 being named a top 10 finalist.  It was a busy week, but fortunately I made it through all the cattle barns and was able to catch up with many people during the course of the week.

Upon arriving home from Agribition we were able to relax for a couple days.  Shari was busy though, as she conducted her first sale with at the Sproule Charolais Dispersal in High River on November 22nd.  The sale went very well and she was happy with the first auction she was able to partake in.

Our 4th Internet Sale arrived on November 27th and with it always comes nervousness and an anxious feeling.  Bidding was relatively quiet during the week, but thankfully the closeout was lively and well attended.  We sold 6 Hereford Breds, 5 Hereford Heifer Calves and 3 Commercial females.  Cattle sold into 5 Canadian provinces and two heifers went to Wyoming.  Thanks to those who registered, viewed, bid or purchased during the sale.   Your support and interest in our cattle is greatly appreciated and let us know of anything we can do for you in the future. 

Shari just arrived home late this morning from her second event at the National Gelbvieh Wish List Sale in Red Deer, AB.  It was a successful sale as well with several unique components including a bull calf futurity.  Her final upcoming sale before the New Year is the Majestic Cattle Co. Dispersal Sale in Innisfail, AB in mid-December.

We will deliver a few cattle in the next couple days and visit some neighbors to view sale cattle of their own.  Furthermore, Shari and I are excited to head to Stavely on Dec. 4 for the Cudlobe Angus Sale.  David Bolduc is my mentor in the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program and we are excited to see his operation and cattle.

The night of Dec. 4, we will fly out of Calgary to Reno, NV for the Western Nugget Hereford Show & Sale.  It will be our first time attending, although Buddy & Frances have enjoyed going in the past.  There are two days of shows and the sale is held inside John Ascuaga’s Nugget Hotel and Casino.  We are excited our friend and my judging teammate and college classmate Christie Gabel from Eaton, CO will be able to fly out for the weekend.

In closing I hope you have had an excellent fall and enjoy the remainder of 2013.  For us 2013 included a challenging start to the year due to the snow and late spring.  Summer was mild and exceptional for cattle.   Fall was drier and allowed for a great harvest.  We have had another early winter so far with a few cold snaps.  Fortunately, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are Grey Cup Champions and the Kansas State Wildcats are headed to a bowl game, so the year will conclude on a high note.  All the best to you in the holiday season and enjoy 2014!

As always, if we can ever be of assistance in terms of providing cattle or genetics-please do not hesitate to visit or contact us.


Lance Leachman


October 23, 2013

We have completed stacking straw bales and are anxiously preparing for some important fall events.  First and foremost is preparation for our Internet Sale that will occur from November 22-27, 2013 on with a closeout on Wednesday, November 27th at 7:00 pm MST.  We had Katie Colyer picture and video the cattle on October 9-10.  Thanks to Paige Lehmann, Jonah Biensch, Tyra Fox, Coleman Tyler and Jennifer Jones for helping those days.  The DVD’s are complete and the website has been updated with all necessary sale information.

Secondly, we are preparing to show at Agribition and will be taking between 8 and 10 head for the Horned Hereford Show on November 15th in Regina.  At this point it appears 3 bull calves, 2 heifer calves, 2 bred heifers, a senior bull and possibly a cow/calf pair will be exhibited.

In catching up on some events that have already taken place, we hosted the 3rd Big Gully Farm Youth Cattle Judging Clinic and Contest on October 5th at the farm.  31 juniors from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and Australia took part in the event.  They learned about anatomy, terminology, oral reasons, and performance data.  The youth then applied that to 8 classes of Angus and Hereford along with questions and reasons.  I would like to thank the parents and young beef enthusiasts that attended.  Just as importantly Zoetis, Warnyca Land & Cattle, Lakeland College, T Bar C Cattle Company, Masterfeeds and Ultrabeef Ultrasound Services need to be recognized for their support and sponsorship.  Thanks to Stephen Myer of Standard Hill Livestock for also bringing Angus heifer calves and bull calves for the youth to evaluate.

Shari and I attended the Remitall West and Harvie Ranching sales the second weekend of October near Olds, AB.  Shari completed her training with at these two sales after previously having travelled to Elmlodge and River Valley in Ontario.  We were able to stay with Ryley and Jill Mader of Mader Ranches at Carstairs.  Fortunately, I also was able to visit a couple of other Hereford breeders in the area at the same time.

On October 16th we marketed 45 steer calves and 1 freemartin heifer calf.  That same day we weaned the bull calves, sale calves and replacement heifer calves with quiet weans and will bring them back to the yard today.  The cows will be run in the gully for the remainder of fall till a heavy snow arrives.

I am planning on attending the Edam Fall Fair on October 26th in Edam, SK.  It is an impressive collection of commercial cattle that will be shown and then sold later in the day.  There is also a strong group of purebred bull calves on display every year as well.

Shari and I are looking forward to travelling to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto from November 1-3.  I will be judging the National Hereford Show on the 2nd.  We are looking forward to the trip as neither of us has attended previously.

Good luck to everyone as they market calves, sell heifers and consign or exhibit at the fall sales and shows , respectively.

As the internet sale approaches, any of you that have an interest in the cattle are welcome to stop and view them at any time.


Lance Leachman


August 17, 2013

We have finally completed haying and most bales were put up in much better condition than the last couple of years.  Timely rains have also kept the pastures in desirable shape to this point.

We pregnancy diagnosed the entire herd, via ultrasound, on July 30th and also made another cut on the bull calves leaving us with 14 or about the top 22% of calves born.  We are very pleased with the group of bull calves this year and are confident they possess the EPD profiles, birth weight figures, dam udder quality, moderate frame, structural integrity and muscle shape to continue moving our operation forward.

We attended the 2013 Canadian Junior Hereford Association Bonanza in Brandon, MB on August 1-3.  There were approximately 190 cattle and 125 juniors, which made for a strong show.  All events were on time and seemed well organized and the Keystone Center was a great venue for the event.  At the banquet on August 3rd, Dad was acknowledged with a Canadian Hereford Association Honor Roll plaque and recognition.  The following day was spent at the Youth Roundup Junior Show in Neepawa, MB which also hosted the Canadian Junior Limousin show.

On August 8th, we sent 9 bull calves to the Northwest Hereford Club Field Day hosted by Standard Hill Livestock and Standard Hill Angus.  There were approximately 50 bull calves and 30 additional head consisting of yearling bulls, heifer calves and bred heifers.  Presentations were made to: Murray and Doreen Coolidge for the Purebred Breeder Honor Roll, John Wiebe and Family for the Commercial Breeder Honor Roll, Randy & Robin Flicek for the Young Gun award and Winston Hougham received his 25 & 50 year breeder pins.  The weather was excellent and a nice crowd gathered for supper.

On August 10th, Shari took 5 mature cow/bull calf pairs to Turtleford Fair.  There was an excellent crowd and a large number of high-quality pairs of all breeds on exhibit from seedstock producers in the area. 
That same day, I flew to London, Ontario for the Cattlemen’s Young Leader’s Step 2 training that included full day workshops on negotiation skills and governance training.  Also, I attended the formational meeting of the Young Cattlemen’s Council and a meet and greet evening with members of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and other beef groups.

We have assembled a group of cull cows to sell in August for the first time, thereby early weaning their calves and trying to capitalize on the higher summer market.  Those females left the yard this week.

All the sale and show cattle have been selected and are at home nicely on feed.  They are convenient to view if the opportunity should arise. 

The Big Gully Farm Youth Judging Clinic & Contest will take place on October 5th, 2013.  It is open to all youth up to 21 years of age, although people over that age are welcome to participate.  There will be cash prizes for the junior, intermediate and senior age categories.  The morning will include discussion on beef cattle anatomy, selection criteria, performance data and oral reasons.  The afternoon will include 8 classes of quality breeding cattle including bred heifers, heifer calves, bull calves and yearling bulls.  Please contact me if you or someone you know may be interested in this opportunity.

Finally, Shari has joined as a Western Canada Sales Representative.  She will be able to provide online livestock sale bidding services in both on-farm and internet-only sale formats. is the same platform we have utilized for our first three internet sales and will soon use to conduct our fourth sale from November 22-27th, 2013.  This new position will compliment Shari’s existing business, Ultrabeef Ultrasound Services, in which she assesses carcass merit via ultrasound on seedstock cattle.

I hope to make more herd visits now that haying is completed and would be glad to tour anyone that finds the time to visit and look through our cattle as well.


Lance Leachman


July 20, 2013

The first weekend of the month was spent at the 4-H on Parade Steer Show in Calgary.  Along with Kyle Lewis of Lewis Farms, I was able to judge the steer show of 110 animals.  In the days prior, I was able to visit Simmental, Angus and Hereford farms in the Calgary area. 

On the same weekend, I returned to Lloydminster and viewed our regional 4-H Steer and Heifer show.  The steer show was excellent with more top-end quality and a more concise weight range in the steers than has been the case in several years.  The enthusiasm and competitiveness in the young members from the immediate area is encouraging.

The Saskatchewan Hereford Association Annual General Meeting was held on June 11th in Moose Jaw.  Attendance was low, in spite of being held in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Convention.  I was accepted as a new Director for the SHA board.  Later, I went and viewed cattle at Triple-A Herefords south of Moose Jaw.

I also made a trip to Oklahoma in the middle of June for the Beef Improvement Federation Meeting in Oklahoma City.  In the same trip I was able to visit Curtis Castle, Langford Herefords and Curry Herefords in Oklahoma.  I also visited C&M Herefords and Copeland Herefords in New Mexico.  The BIF meeting was excellent and did a nice job of putting research results in a useful form for producers to learn from.

From June 28-July 7, I travelled to Paris, France and later to Denmark-where I judged the Danish National Junior Hereford Show.  The Hereford and Angus cattle in Denmark were very similar to North America, I would suspect due to the genetics shared in common.  The Limousin breed is largest in terms of numbers.  The Charolais and Simmental cattle were substantially larger and courser in Denmark, compared with Canadian producers.  It was a very interesting trip and a great opportunity to visit a great city in Paris and a friendly, clean country in Denmark.

On the 15-16 of July, I attended Beef Innovations in Calgary-organized by the Canadian Simmental Association.  I spoke on a producer panel that discussed the practical implementation of genomics.  The conference was informative and there was an impressive group of presenters from around the world. 

At the farm, we had a nice stretch of weather from July 8-14, which allowed us to get about 40% of haying done.  We will still need some nice weather to put up the remaining grass hay.  The next couple weeks will be busy with corral cleaning, castrating another group of bull calves, pregnancy testing and sorting off cull cows for sale.  We will also be sorting off animals for the fall shows and internet sales in the immediate future. 

I will travel to Brandon, MB for the Canadian Junior Hereford Bonanza on August 1-3.  I am looking forward to the show and the exceptional facility in Brandon.

Through the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders program, I was recently paired with David Bolduc of Cudlobe Angus in Stavely, AB as a mentor.  We first met in Oklahoma City and also visited at Beef Innovations.  David is past-president of the Canadian Angus Association and current President of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council.

If you are ever in the area, please feel free to stop and view the cattle at any time. 


Lance Leachman


May 21, 2013

The long awaited spring has arrived and temperatures have reached close to 30 degrees.  On April 23rd we synchronized and bred 10 cows and 35 heifers to coincide with February 1 calving.  Sires included MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R, ECR LOOSE CHANGE 1251, PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R, C CRUZ 0248 ET, C FANTASTIC 2165, WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102, S A V NET WORTH and I-67.  Since the 23rd, we have also been AI or hand breeding females to the already mentioned sires-along with BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U, C 88X RIBEYE 2011 and C STOCKMAN 2059 ET.  STOCKMAN is the 2012 Western Nugget Horned Champion, 2013 National Western Division Champion and flushmate to C MILES MCKEE 2103 ET. Cows and calves were finally moved to a large grass paddock on April 27th.  On May 1, we had 10 embryos implanted from two mating’s featuring: HF 4L BEYOND 36N and C CRUZ 0248 ET.  On May 18th, cows, heifers and calves received Ivermectin-while calves were given their 8-way vaccination.  All cattle were sent to pasture including 149 females and 6 herd sires.  Fred Sirett of Sirett Family Stock Farm was also able to pick up C CRUZ 0248 ET to be used on their herd of polled females for the breeding season.

We would like to thank Ross Harmel of Maidstone, SK for his private purchase of BIG-GULLY 47R STAN’S GOLD 166Y.  166Y is a two-year old son of PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R and out of a C PURE GOLD 1117 daughter.  Also, thanks to Warren Girodat of Rocking G Land & Cattle at Gull Lake, SK for his private purchase of two yearling heifers-BIG-GULLY ADMIRAL’S FANCY 43Z and BIG-GULLY 66X CHROMIUM 211Z.

Our new heterozygous polled sire, WLB BULL 90X 6Z, has arrived at the farm.  He is being utilized on a group of heifers and polled cows during the remainder of hand breeding and once females are moved to pasture.

About 2.5 miles of new fence has been built to both replace old fence and divide up pastures for more grazing flexibility.  Pastures are beginning to grow quickly and dugouts have filled exceptionally well from the snow melt.

The next month will be fairly quiet with the exception of a trip to the 4-H on Parade Steer Show in Calgary on June 1st, Lloydminster 4-H Expo on June 2nd & 3rd, and a trip to Oklahoma City for the Beef Improvement Federation Conference on June 12th-18th. 

We have two-year old and yearling bulls for sale privately at the farm.  I would be happy to answer any questions regarding those bulls and how they could be utilized.

Lance Leachman


March 29, 2013

The initial part of March included moderate temperatures, although it has since cooled off and snowed.  The end of February was busy with calves arriving and we have reached approximately 95 to date.  The latter portion of March will remain steady and conclude at months end with approximately 15 cows left.  

We would like to thank Noah Olson of Medstead, SK for his private purchase of BIG-GULLY 8151 MONUMENT 730Z.  He is a March 1, 2012 son of MH MONUMENT 8151.  Also, thanks to Dale & Joanne Janzen of Dalmeny, SK for their private purchase of 6 mature females this spring as well.

I was able to travel to Colyer Herefords Production Sale on February 25th in Bruneau, Idaho.  We purchased a new sire, “C 88X RIBEYE 2011,” that arrived home March 22nd.  He is a December 31st son of NJW 98S R117 RIBEYE 88X ET out of a first calf C HARLAND TOO ET daughter.  “2011” is goggle eyed, short-marked, moderate framed, smooth fronted and square topped with excellent structure.  His EPD profile reads: CE 2.9, BW 2.9, WW 63, YW 102, M 29, M&G 60, MCE 3.1, SC 1.3, FAT -0.013, REA 0.69 and MARB 0.10.  We are excited about his genetic profile and breeding versatility it offers the herd.

 It was also a memorable experience to see the bull named “C MILES McKEE 2103 ET” sell for $600,000.  That bull was named on behalf of a retired professor from Kansas State University.  Dr. McKee was retired when I arrived at K-State, but still arrived early in the morning at his office and then played cards with faculty/students during lunch before going home each afternoon.  During this time he was in his early 80’s.  Dr. McKee once served as herdsman for the purebred unit and taught at the school his entire life while advising thousands of students.  He recently wrote a book of history on the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.  Coming out of high school I visited Dodge City Community College, Butler County Community College, Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University.  During the visit at K-State I was able to visit with Dr. McKee in his office.  Though I did choose Dodge City, two years later I again visited K-State interested in transferring to complete my degree.  It was remarkable to me that during that visit Dr. McKee remembered I was the young man from Canada who had visited a few years earlier.  I often stopped at his office where we would discuss judging, classes, Hereford cattle, home, his family and the history of the department.  To this day, Dr. McKee remains at K-State attending sporting events, visiting with faculty/students and going to the recreation complex each morning. 

 I also flew to Ottawa March 5-6 for the final selections as a semi-finalist for the 2013-2014 Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program.  The program included five roundtable discussions moderated by leaders in the industry and tabulated by three judges.  The roundtables included: Transitional Planning, Securing Capital, Social Media, Trade & Marketing and Mentorship.  Presentations from CCA lobbyist Ryder Lee, Canfax and Brenda Schoepp were also included.  The other 21 semi-finalists from across the country were tremendously diverse in age and experience, with interests encompassing most facets of the cattle industry.  On March 12th, I received word of being included in the 16 finalists who will be paired with a mentor for 8 months while receiving financial support for travel and attendance at industry events.

On Tuesday, March 26th we purchased another yearling sire-“WLB BULL 90X 6Z” from WLB Livestock in Douglas, Manitoba.  “6Z” is a February 9th son of WLB LEGO 83T 90X out of a first calf PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R daughter.  “6Z” is goggle eyed, short-marked, moderate framed, big ribbed and stout hipped.  His EPD profile reads: CE 3.2, BW 2.3, WW 51.7, YW 83.3, M 21.8, M&G 47.7, MCE 2.4, SC 1.0, FAT 0.001, REA 0.37 and MARB 0.08.  We are excited about the calving ease, pigment and shape he should transmit within the herd.

Breeding plans have mostly been finalized for the spring with a substantial percentage of females slated to be AI’d during the first cycle and then exposed to bulls thereafter. 

We have two-year old and yearling bulls for sale privately in the yard.  I would be happy to answer any questions regarding those bulls and how they could be utilized.

Lance Leachman


January 30, 2013

2013 is off to a peculiar start with wild swings in temperature along with continued wind and snow.  Christmas and the New Year were quiet as everyone stayed here at the farm.  I was able to fly to Phoenix, Arizona on January 3rd for the Fiesta Bowl that evening which saw Kansas State University play the University of Oregon in a college football game to conclude the season.  The announced attendance was just over 70,000 in the University of Phoenix Stadium, which features both a retractable roof and field.  The following day we travelled 4 hours north and visited the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. 

All sale cattle were delivered before Christmas arrived.  We would also like to thank Bryan Fossay of Fossay Beef Farm in Woodlands, Manitoba for his private purchase of BIG-GULLY 517U BOUNTY ET 5Z, a flush mate brother to our World Hereford Conference Champion Horned Heifer Calf.  Thanks to Trevor Guillet of Outlook, Saskatchewan for his purchase of a PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R two-year old son out of a KSU BOUNTY HUNTER 611 daughter.  We would also like to thank Jack & Pat Beamish of Hamiota, MB for the purchase of 2 commercial bred heifers.

Our first calf arrived on January 28th and she is a flush mate to our WHC Champion Horned Heifer Calf.  The heifers that were synchronized last spring are to start calving February 1, so the next week will be very hectic.  On the 11th of January, the cowherd was brought into the yard for calving.  On the 12th and 26th of January, we administered Scourguard 4 KC and Vitamin A&D to the majority of the cows.  The final group of later calving females will receive their injections on the 18th of February.

We found out the results on the flushing of two cows at Sundown Livestock Transplants in Cremona, Alberta.  The first mating was HF 3L BEYOND 36N and BIG-GULLY 47R STAN’S BELLE 53T (daughter of PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R).  The other mating was C CRUZ 0248 ET and BIG-GULLY 8151 DOMINETTE 631Y (daughter of MH MONUMENT 8151).  Between the two flushes, 19 Grade 1 embryos were recovered.

I was able to attend the National Western Stock Show from the 16th to 19th of February.  We stayed with a college friend and judging teammate whose family owns a large feedlot northeast of Denver.   The Hereford bull show on Thursday was good, although the increased pen entries in the yards appears to be detracting from the overall depth of quality in the hill show.  The following day, Friday, was the pen and carload show.  This component of the Hereford events has dramatically increased in participation and quality the last several years and many outstanding heifers and bulls were exhibited.  The Hereford Sale on Friday night was changed to occur in the stadium and that allowed what was surely a record crowd to view the event.  Cattle sold for incredible dollar amounts and excitement was clearly evident with the purchase of cattle by major operations outside the breed such as Sullivan’s and Express.  Finally, on Saturday the incredible female show concluded the week with a set of heifers that, in my opinion, blows the socks off what we can currently produce in Canada.  It was a fun trip and I found a couple bulls selling later in production sales that certainly are of interest.

We still have a quality group of yearling bulls for sale and there are 5 two-year olds still available.  All bulls were within the top 20% of the bull calves within their respective year of birth and are from sound uddered females.  Several are very short-marked and there are sires suitable to use exclusively on heifers or both heifers and cows.  Please stop anytime that is convenient to view the bulls, their sires and dams in the yard. 

For those of you also calving, best of luck through the next several months and hopefully the local production sales in this area are successful and well attended through the early part of February.

As always, you are more than welcome to stop by and view our cattle.  We will gladly try and provide livestock or genetics that best suit your specific breeding needs.

Lance Leachman


December 10, 2012

We had an exceptional early fall for grazing and the cattle performed well in the great weather September offered.  The Big Gully Farm Cattle Judging Clinic & Contest we hosted on September 29th which was attended by approximately 30 young people from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Lakeland College also provided a great deal of help in carrying out the contest.  Pfizer Animal Health was a generous sponsor for the event.

Winter arrived early in the third week of October and we have received roughly 2 feet of snow this fall already.  Calves were weaned in late October with 40 steers and 20 cull cows being merchandised at roughly the same time.

We decided to pass on showing any cattle this year for the simple fact that we honestly didn’t want to because of the time and energy expended on the World Hereford Conference, but more importantly the jobs to be completed at home.  Subsequently, it has been refreshing to spectate or judge shows at the Manitoba Livestock Exposition, Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition this fall.  Quality of the Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, Limousin and Mixed Breeds cattle that I saw seems to be progressing favorably each year. 

Our fall internet sale went well and the support of viewers, bidders and buyers is greatly appreciated.
Cattle were sold to breeders in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Oregon and Idaho.

I attended Canadian Western Agribition and the purebred cattle display of 1700 head was up 10% from last year.  The Polled Hereford show was particularly strong and the presentation of the Hereford cattle overall was probably as good as it ever has been.  The Hereford sale was strong and breeders seemed pleased with the traffic at the show.  One major drawback of Agribition seems to be the increasingly embarrassing facilities that exhibitors have to contend with during the week. 

This fall we have been able to purchase a horned heifer calf from Triple-A Herefords in their Queens of the Coteau Sale.  We also purchased a Robin Hood sired polled bred heifer from Brost Land & Cattle.  We were able to purchase a Global sired polled heifer calf from Standard Hill Polled Herefords in the sale. 

Our new Wilson trailer also arrived in early December.  It is a tri-axle 28 X 8 foot model with three compartments.  It has backup lights, roof vents, an adjustable front divider, 54 inch side door, lighted nose sign and tie loops.  It will be a tremendous asset to us and I was excited for it to arrive.  We have already been able to sell our past trailer that was tremendously dependable.


I have culled the cows aggressively the past two falls at a rate of approximately 20% and with the conception success and bulls we utilized this spring, I am confident and excited for what should be a high-quality and deep calf crop.  Calves are set to begin arriving around February 1st for duration of roughly 68 days.

We hope all of you enjoy the holiday season and have an exceptional start to the 2013 year.

As always, you are most welcome to visit anytime or please let us know if we can be of assistance to you.

Lance Leachman


August 14 , 2012

It has been exactly a month since we headed to the World Hereford Conference in Olds, AB.  The stay in Olds went fine with the excellent weather and facilities for the cattle.  The junior show was on Monday, July 16th with excellent participation, cattle quality and foreign junior interest.  The open show was Tuesday, July 17th with over 300 head of cattle exhibited.  We exhibited 12 head including a heifer calf, yearling heifer, first calf cow/calf pair and a mature cow/calf pair in the female show.  In the bull show we displayed two yearling bulls, a polled two-year old bull and three mature bulls.  Among the cattle there were 4 class winners and we managed to exhibit three Division Champions (Horned Senior Heifer Calf, Horned Mature Cow/Calf and Horned Mature Bull) and a Reserve Division Champion (Horned First Calf Cow/Calf).  We were satisfied to have Grand Champion Horned Female with BIG-GULLY 611 HUNNY 553U and her March 2nd heifer calf BIG-GULLY 47R STANS LASS 553Z.  The cow is sired by KSU BOUNTY HUNTER 611, while the calf is a daughter of PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R. 

On July 30, we pregnancy checked all the cows and were very pleased with the very high conception rates on AI and hand-breeding services both among mature cows and heifers.  Our calving season will be extremely busy beginning around February 1 for a couple of weeks and should be complete in early April. 

August 2nd was the annual North West Hereford Zone field day hosted by Tom-Lyn Ranch (Tom & Marilyn Hougham) of Frenchman Butte, SK.   It was cold and rainy for the better part of the day, however 60 bull calves, 12 heifer calves, 15 bred heifers, 9 yearling bulls and 1 mature sire were still displayed.  We exhibited 8 bull calves winning the Senior Division and Overall Bull Calf with BIG-GULLY 47R STANMORE 466Z.   He is a mid-February son of PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R.

Haying has progressed slowly with frequent thunderstorms and showers, however the quantity of forage is excellent and pastures are in exceptional condition.  Once haying is complete, I will hopefully have more time to make some cattle visits. 

Plans are coming together for our Big Gully Farm Internet Hereford Sale in early November.  We are aiming to sell 6 heifer calves, 6 bred heifers, 5 bull calves and 2 black baldy heifer calf show prospects.  The sale offering will include 1 polled bull calf and 2 polled heifer calves. 

Furthermore, for the second year I am organizing the Big Gully Farm Youth Cattle Judging Clinic and Contest to be held on September 29th at the farm 12 miles north of Maidstone, SK.  It will be sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health and include three age divisions along with cash prizes for the highest 5 individuals in each age category. 

Cattle are now sorted into sale groups, heifer calves, bull calves and the remaining steers/heifers have been put down into the Gully for grazing during the remainder of the summer. 

As always visitors are always welcome to stop and view the cattle during the best couple months to do so in August and September.


Lance Leachman


May 22, 2012

We completed calving for the 2012 season over one month ago already.  It was a very mild winter in terms of weather with very little snowfall to speak of as well.  The cows are in excellent condition and the use of Inforce 3 seems to have helped the calves remain healthy.  A significantly higher percentage of our cows calved earlier this year relative to the last. 

On April 14 we synchronized 37 yearling heifers to breed on April 24.  The A.I. sires we utilized were C CRUZ 0248 ET, SLDK VENDETTA V-9 ET, PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R, C FANTASTIC 2165 and MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R.  Mature cows were A.I. bred on natural heats beginning on April 24 to correspond with February 1, 2013 calves.  In addition we put in 11 embryos on May 2 to correspond with February 2, 2013 calves.  These embryos included matings to SLDK VENDETTA V-9 ET and BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U.  On May 5th we processed calves and castrated 38 of the 58 bull calves from the 2012 crop.  Cows were taken to pasture on May 8th and heifers followed on May 10th.  All of our natural sires are currently in the pasture and will likely be removed the third week of June so calving is complete the very beginning of April next year.

Plans are also coming together for the 2012 World Hereford Conference in Olds, AB.  The cattle to be exhibited in Olds were slick sheared April 12th and 19th.  We are securing a crew to help us and finished submitting our entries for the open show.  We are hoping the event will be well attended and that cattle will be presented in a high-quality fashion for those who are present.

We recently acquired a new herd sire WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102 from White Cattle Company in Buffalo, WY.  We are excited to utilize this yearling bull on a set of our heifers and mature females.  He is a March 5th yearling and weighed 1345 pounds on April 19th when he arrived.  Two yearling heifers have also arrived that were purchased in Colyer Herefords annual production sale during late February. 

We still have 7 yearling bulls available for sale and are more than happy to have visitors anytime.  It would be our pleasure to tour you through our farm and cattle at any point this spring or summer. 

Lance Leachman


March 15, 2012

The mild winter has been a great help with calving to this point.  We are at the 2/3 mark with a higher percentage of females calved out relative to last year.  Unlike last year though, we stand at roughly 1.5 bull calves for each heifer calf.

I was able to attend the National Western Stock Show in Denver during mid-January.  Similar to last year the pen and female shows were exceptional and the bull show wasn’t quite as impressive.  The crowds, new exhibitors and enthusiasm were tremendous.

We recently purchased a yearling bull at the 2012 Nebraska Cattleman’s Classic.  His name is WCC/CC 1009 GREAT DIVIDE 102 and he had caught my eye on the hill at Denver.  He was the Champion Horned Hereford at the Classic and went on to be named Supreme Champion of 11 breeds at the conclusion of the show.  He was raised by White Cattle Company of Buffalo, Wyoming and is a March born, horned son of CRR ABOUT TIME 743.  We are excited about the exceptional birth to weaning spread, power, balance and unique calving ease, birth weight, and carcass progeny differences he can contribute. 

At the end of February, I also attended Colyer Herefords sale in Bruneau, Idaho and purchased a pair of yearling heifers.  One is a polled Nitro daughter with maternal grand-sire Pure Gold.  The other is a horned Gran Torino daughter with maternal grand-sire Rambo.

The calves at home appear to be doing well with a large number of twins born already.  We are administering Inforce 3 on the calves and putting in CCIA tags at birth to help minimize labour and concerns post-calving.  The cows are in excellent shape and seem to be milking very well.

We have been fortunate to privately move several bulls in the past months and would like to thank Greg Frankl, Calvin Grabler, Little Willow Creek Ranch, Ken Hofmann and Dale Janzen for their purchases.  We have no remaining two-year olds, but several yearlings still for sale.

As always if you are in the area and have some free time, please don’t hesitate to stop to visit and view the cattle.


Lance Leachman

December 26, 2011

December has been the slowest month of the year for us here at Big Gully Farm.  We wrapped up a successful 2011 Hereford Internet Sale on November 16th.  Nineteen lots were sold to an ideal mix of junior, commercial, purebred, polled and horned breeders located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Iowa and Maryland.  Thanks very much for viewing, bidding and purchasing.

Canadian Western Agribition was a busy week in late November.  During that time, I was fortunate to judge the First Lady Classic and Red Angus Shows.  The Hereford Show on Friday went fine, with three class winners, a Division winner and a Reserve Division Winner.  Additionally, a heifer calf I had purchased, earlier in the fall, from Luke Andrews of Triple-A Herefords was selected Reserve Grand Champion Polled Female.  On Saturday we had two bulls take part in the RBC Supreme Beef Challenge, both qualifying at the Lloydminster Stockade Roundup.  Personally, I thought the quality of the top 10 females was outstanding this year.

The farm has been relatively quiet besides trying to deliver sale cattle and making some winter farm visits.  Some leisure activities in January will include a trip to Dallas, TX and Cowboy Stadium to watch Kansas State University play the University of Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl on the 6th.  Later, I will drive to Denver with the heifer calves going to Iowa and Maryland and attend the National Western Stock Show.  Calving is slated to begin February 1 with nine embryo transplant calves from the same flush due immediately, along with the start of bred heifers and mature cows.

Mating plans for spring 2012 are being decided and I am planning how to approach the 2012 World Hereford Conference hosted by Canada in mid-July.

We hope your holiday season has been great so far and all the best in 2012.  As always, you are more than welcome to stop at the farm and we would enjoy showing you around.


Lance Leachman




Res. Grand Champion Polled Hereford Female



CE: 3.1 BW: 1.5 WW:35.4 YW: 55.9 M: 18.8 TM: 36.5 REA: 0.16 MARB: 0.01

Raised by Luke Andrews of TRIPLE-A HEREFORDS in Moose Jaw, SK

Purchased in 2011 Queens of the Coteau Heifer Calf Internet Sale
Horned Champion Bull Calf


Horned Reserve Champion Bull Calf



Owner: Tom Hougham, Frenchman Butte, SK.
Class Winner



Owner: Mission Ridge Herefords, Raymore,SK.
Class Winner



Owner: Garrett Fraser, Cochrane, AB.
C CRUZ 0248 ET

Dam: C COWGIRL 7030 ET


Owned with Sirret Family Stock Farm at Neilburg, SK. and Colyer Herefords


C CRUZ 0248 ET
Grand Champion Polled Bull



Owned with Sirret Family Stock Farm at Neilburg, SK. and Colyer Herefords
Grand Champion Horned Bull



July 20, 2011

The weather has been wet and preventing haying from progressing, but as a result the pastures are in excellent shape and cattle are in great condition.

I just arrived home from a brief trip to Oklahoma for a wedding. I managed to stop at the American Junior National for a couple hours and saw the Lot 3-194X heifer, out of C PURE GOLD 1117, that sold to the Meteer family of Blue Mound, Illinois in the internet sale this past fall. Rochelle Meteer showed her and did an excellent job in preparing the heifer.

I also saw the Lot 1-511X heifer, out of PDHR 20J STANMORE
47R, at Chad Ledbetter's in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. The heifer looked great and was staying slicked out in the extreme heat of Oklahoma. At their ranch I was able to see many excellent Hereford cows and heifers, along with a commercial cowherd consisting of Brahman, Brangus, Braford and Simbrah cattle that certainly were better suited to the 102 degree F day I was there.

Later on that day I also visited Langford Herefords in Okmulgee and saw some excellent ET bull calves and mature cows at an operation
which has long utilized Canadian Hereford genetics.

I just reviewed the latest release of EPD's for the fall of 2011 and was pleased with the new progeny differences for all the sires we are utilizing. Although not comparable to the last run of EPD's, the BW figure on BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U decreased substantially from
8.2 to 6.2 after incorporating the birth information from his first calf crop in the genetic evaluations.

We are getting ready to sort cattle for the show and sale along with pastures for the best bull and heifer calves. The remaining steers and lower quality heifer calves will be sent to the gully for the remainder of summer. Another cut on the bull calves will leave is with approximately 15 calves for the time being out of 40 initial bull calves.

I will be headed to the 2011 Canadian Junior Angus Showdown in Weyburn on Saturday and the Canadian Junior Hereford Bonanza in Saskatoon the last couple days of July. The Turtleford Fair, Northwest Hereford Field Day and Hardisty Field Day will occur in early to mid August.

As always, we would welcome your visit if in the area and look forward to taking cattle out to various functions over the next month.


Lance Leachman

June 28, 2011

Canada Day is approaching and some sustained warm and sunny weather is here after a stretch of dearly needed rain.  We will process cattle in mid-July and create pastures for the top bull calves, the top heifer calves and send the remaining of cattle into the Gully on native pasture for the remainder of summer.

We are preparing for another fall internet sale, so settling on the heifer calves, bull calves and bred heifers to be included is the next step.  In addition cattle that will go to Agribition will start to be prepared. 

The local 4-H Achievement Days and Regional Shows wrapped up the first week of June.  Dad and I attended the Saskatchewan Hereford Association Annual General Meeting in Swift Current on June 11.  While in Swift Current we saw a small, but very functional herd at Marty Flicek’s along with a heifer calf that he purchased in the internet sale.  We then went to Doug Mann’s farm and viewed a well managed and high quality set of cattle including Hereford cows & calves, commercial Red Angus influenced recips & ET calves, bred heifers and mature bulls.   We were pleased with the “611” sired first calf heifer and her “47R” bull calf along with the “611” sired bred heifer that Doug and Wanda purchased in the internet sale.

Locally I have travelled to Larry & Rick Flicek’s at Neilburg and saw a large number of very good Angus heifer and bull calves.  Then I went to Fred Sirett’s to look at his cows that were exposed with “C NITRO 0248 ET” that we own in partnership.  I saw the yearling polled bull “Hemi” at Stephen Myer’s, along with a yearling bull purchased from Crittenden’s that were both very impressive.  Stephen also purchased a polled heifer out of “Beefman” in the internet sale that appears to be doing well.  I also went to Darren Tyler’s at Cut Knife to see a great set of Hereford X Simmental commercial cows along with a few purebred Simmentals.  Darren had purchased a yearling bull this spring that we intend to show in the fall.

Dad has been able to make some stops at Tom Hougham’s in Frenchman Butte, Jamie Lutz’s in Warner, Alberta, and Churchill Cattle Co. in Manhattan, Montana. 

The remainder of July is busy as I hope to attend the American Junior National Hereford Show and see a “PURE GOLD 1117” daughter show that was purchased by the Meteer family of Blue Mound, Illinois show.  Late in July, Saskatoon hosts the Canadian Junior Hereford Association Bonanza.  The North-West Hereford zone will also have their annual field day on August 11.

As always if in the area, you are welcome to stop and view that cow herd and the calves from both proven and new sires.


Lance Leachman

April 28, 2011

We kicked out yearling heifers with their respective sires on April 24th and have been AI’ing the cowherd during the same time period.  A green tinge is appearing in the pastures finally and with some sustained heat the grass will progress rapidly.

This spring we flushed the dam of our 2010 Agribition Horned Champion bull calf, BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 131X owned by Darren Tyler, to BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U.  Those frozen embryos will be implanted on May 2.

We recently purchased TRIPLE-A 1T CHROME 66X from Murray and Bridget Andrews.  CHROME is an April born calf whose substantial mass, base width and soundness coincides with our breeding objectives.  Moreover his projected calving ease and udder quality will compliment our maternal base.  His pedigree includes the three most influential bulls at TRIPLE-A in the last decade.  We are excited for him to see use on a group of heifers this spring.

We have also acquired C NITRO 0248 ET from Sirett Family Stock Farms.  0248 was bred by Colyer Herefords and is another April calf with unparalleled power and shape in a moderate and structurally correct phenotype.  Just as importantly he comes from a highly regarded line of maternal females.  He will be utilized on a select group of females during the early portion of breeding season.

We brought BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U home from Alta-Genetics and semen is priced at $40/unit on less than 20 and $35/unit on orders over 20 with availability in Canada, United States and South America.  Australian rights were recently sold to Peter Sykes of Mawarra Herefords in Victoria, Australia.

If you have time this summer we would certainly welcome your visit.  We also plan to see a good number of cattle this summer across Canada and the United States.

Lance Leachman

January 20, 2011

I arrived home from the National Western Stock Show this past week and was pleased with the quality and number of Hereford cattle in the female and pen/carload shows.  The polled champion female exhibited by Star Lake was particularly impressive and the number of carloads and pens of heifers and bulls was up substantially.  The Mile High Nights sale went very well with a large number of new buyers indicating that enthusiasm and cash is being injected into the breed at levels not seen in many years.  This year I was disappointed in both the quality and number of bulls exhibited in both the horned and polled shows at Denver, relative to the past. 

Nominations of judges for the 2012 World Hereford Conference Show are being invited by the Canadian Hereford Association until the end of February.  I would encourage everyone to submit their choice of judges that would make the show memorable, enjoyable and successful.

Our first calves should begin arriving February 1 and will feature progeny of KSU BOUNTY HUNTER 611, BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U, PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R, MH MONUMENT 8151, C PURE GOLD 1117, C 4006 DOMINO 6029, and CRR ABOUT TIME 743.  We still have yearling and two-year old bulls available that would suit the needs of most purebred and commercial cattleman.


Lance Leachman

jr champ

BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 131X - National Horned Champion Bull Calf

January 7, 2011

            It was a very busy fall here at Big Gully Farm.  We have nearly completed delivery of cattle from our fall internet sale.  Thank-you very much to all those who registered, viewed, bid and purchased during this inaugural event.  We were extremely pleased with the internet format and the participation it allowed.

Lloydminster Stockade Roundup was the first week in November and we exhibited three head at the local show.  BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U was named Grand Champion and half-brother BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 131X was Calf Champion

The 2010 Canadian Western Agribition ended up being the highlight of our lives in cattle production.  We exhibited 7 head at Agribition this year, with a senior bull, bred heifer, three bull calves and two heifer calves.  It was the 150th Anniversary show of Herefords in Canada, along with the 40th Anniversary of Agribition itself.  BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 517U was Grand Champion Horned Hereford and received a Bronze Bull sculpture, awarded by the American Hereford Association, which is typically given to only National Western Stock Show Champions in Denver.  Moreover, BIG-GULLY 611 BOUNTY 131X was the Bull Calf Champion.

Agribition concluded with the RBC Supreme Beef Challenge.  517U qualified to participate through Stockade Roundup and Agribition.  A total of 43 bulls from 13 breeds and 10 shows comprised the Supreme bull show.  A panel of 5 judges evaluated the entries and then designated a top 10.  The event concluded with 517U being Supreme Champion for 2010.   It was the biggest highlight we have experienced and are very thankful to the producers from all breeds who expressed their congratulations to us.  We had excellent help from Cory and Kristi Blaser of North Dakota and J.D. Morris of Indiana in getting the cattle ready.  Currently, 517U is in stud at Alta-Genetics to draw semen for domestic and international use.   

We still have a variety of yearling bulls and small group of two year olds still available for sale at the farm.  Visits are always appreciated.

I will be heading out this week to the National Western Hereford Show in Denver.  Hereford shows are the 13th, 14th and 15th of January.  Besides The American Junior National, Denver is easily the largest, deepest and highest quality Hereford show available to attend and evaluate cattle.  Several Canadians are taking cattle and will surely fair well.

Best of luck with the beginning of calving and enjoy 2011.

Lance Leachman

April 6, 2010

Calving is near complete with excellent results to this point. We now have “MH MONUMENT 8151”, purchased from Mrnak Herefords, at the farm for spring breeding.  We are impressed by his structural integrity, center body dimension and performance.  He also meets our genetic profile needs for growth, milk and ribeye area. 

Thanks to the follow bull buyers this spring:

Lloydminster Bull Sale
River Bridge Ranch, Maidstone: Big-Gully 47R Stanmore 753W
Poplar Dell Hereford Ranch, Edam: Big-Gully 611 Bullion 178U
Jamie Flicek, Neilburg: Big-Gully 611 Bountiful 580U

Private Treaty
Darcy Frankl- Bar D Farm, Raymore: Big-Gully 611 Gold Bounty 70W
Calla Frankl, Raymore: Big-Gully 47R Stanmore 111W

I would also encourage you to access a blog that entails current agriculture issues every day across Canada and the United States.  The blog is maintained by Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and can be accessed at:

As always, we would welcome your visit to see the newest set of calves, herd sires and yearling bulls for sale.

Buddy, Frances, Lance & Tyler


February 15, 2010

We are excited to have recently purchased a coming two-year old bull from Mrnak Herefords in Bowman, ND.  “MH MONUMENT 8151” was a member of the 2009 and 2010 Denver Reserve Champion Hereford Carloads.  He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for weaning, yearling, M&G and $CHB.  He is also in the top 3% for REA and top 5% for milk.  His sire, “MH MONUMENT 3147”, was the natural calf of a Denver Champion female and has been highly influential in the Mrnak production sale offerings.  The mother of “8151” is a Dam of Distinction sired by the renowned OXH MARK DOMINO 8020.  We feel that “8151” should transmit tremendous weaning pay-weight, while maintaining the carcass merit, skeletal integrity and udder quality our current sires are contributing.  Additionally, his pedigree is somewhat of an outcross, but one we have been interested in for several years.


As a reminder, the 91st annual Pride of the Prairies Lloydminster Bull Sale is approaching and we hope you considering attending to bolster your spring sire inventory.  The show is held at 12:00 Noon on Sunday, March 7th at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds.  The sale begins at 11:00 am on Monday, March 8th.  We are consigning three excellent sons of KSU Bounty Hunter 611.  Of the three two-year olds, one was 2008 Agribition Calf Champion and another is among the highest-quality we have produced.  The trio is featured on the sales page with more information.

You are welcome to stop anytime to look at our consignment bulls along with our yearling heifers, bull calves and heifer calves.

Buddy Frances, Lance, Tyler and Pam


January 26, 2010
            We hope everyone has had a positive start to the New Year and calving season so far!

We recently attended the National Western Stock Show in Denver to take in the Junior, Carload/Pen, Bull and Heifer shows, along with the Mile High Nights Sale.  The Hereford events were very impressive with regard to both livestock quality and attendee enthusiasm.  A tremendous set of cattle were displayed by other Hereford breeders from across Canada.  Of the bull and heifer shows, the females were particularly strong in both the Polled and Horned Divisions.  The Horned Reserve Champion female (Reserve Champion Spring Yearling), Champion Spring Heifer and Reserve Champion Spring Heifer were all paternal half-sibs to KSU Bounty Hunter 611. 

The 91st annual Pride of the Prairies Lloydminster Bull Sale is approaching and we encourage you to consider attending this event to complete your bull inventory.  The show begins at 12:00 Noon on Sunday, March 7th at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds.  The sale commences at 11:00 am on Monday, March 8th.  We are consigning three excellent sons of KSU Bounty Hunter 611 to the sale.  One two-year old was 2008 Agribition Calf Champion and another is among the highest-quality bulls we have raised.  The trio is featured on the sales page with more information.

As always, your visit to our operation would be greatly appreciated.  We have many bull calves, bred heifers and heifer calves available for purchase.